I’m Alex Clarke and I specialise in making life easier for people like you. I find GOOD QUALITY TENANTS FOR GOOD QUALITY PROPERTIES, and I have been doing so quietly and discreetly for thirty years! It’s unlikely you have heard of me as I work from my home in Old Colwyn with my daughter, Louise, and our business has been built on referrals from people who have been very happy with our service.
We are a genuine family business offering the personal touch.

I was a credit company manager before becoming self-employed, and I have extensive experience of assessing people for their suitability to be tenants.

You will probably realise that as a Landlord, you have two major risks - your tenant may not pay their rent, and they may not look after your property as well as you might expect. The real nightmare happens when they don’t pay AND they trash your house!

Your success or failure in letting your property depends on the quality of the tenant. That’s where I come in - I find GOOD QUALITY TENANTS WITH A PROVEN TRACK RECORD OF PAYING RENT AND KEEPING A CLEAN HOUSE.

Please allow me a few minutes of your time to tell you what else we do for you.

We advertise your property - FOR FREE - on the Internet (Zoopla, our web site). WE PAY for the advertising - NOT YOU.

We accompany all prospective tenants on viewing visits.

We take up references professionally, credit search, proof of income, track record of rent or mortgage payments AND - MOST TIMES - we visit the prospective tenant in their present property. We try to provide the most comprehensive referencing possible.

We offer you an optional INEXPENSIVE RENT GUARANTEE AND LEGAL EXPENSES POLICY for your peace of mind.

We prepare an INVENTORY AND STATEMENT OF CONDITION and check tenants into the property on the tenancy commencement date.

We change over the utilities and keep records of meter readings.

We give you VITAL INFORMATION to guide you through tenancy law and to make sure you comply with the latest regulations.

We send periodic PROPERTY MATTERS NEWSLETTERS - FREE - that provide enlightening TAX SAVINGS TIPS. A pound saved is a pound earned.

We offer a NO OBLIGATION, NO LET/NO FEE service

Our commission for the INTRODUCTION ONLY SERVICE is a once only 60% of the rent for the first month (vat included).

Our commission for the MANAGEMENT SERVICE is 10% of the monthly rent

Letting a house or a flat used to be quite simple - but now it has become very specialised and a highly complex procedure. If you fail to comply with some of the recent changes in legislation you could lose your right to recover possession of your property AND, WORSE,

Do you know that the Court Fee has been increased recently to £355.00?

That means that if you have to take your tenant to Court to recover possession or arrears YOU have to pay the Court fee, so if you find yourself in this situation YOUR PAPERWORK HAS TO BE CORRECT (DOWN TO THE POSTCODE), OTHERWISE YOUR APPLICATION COULD BE DISMISSED!

Ask yourself these questions - Do you know about the special form you have to complete when increasing the rent?

Do you know about the requirement for a Tenancy Deposit Information Certificate?
If you have taken a Security Deposit in the last seven years it could effect you!

We send free Property Matters Newsletters periodically to keep our clients informed

You are in business - you know about competition. We face it from the so called “big boys”, with High Street shops and high overheads. They have to charge high fees - we don’t - we tailor make our service to suit our client’s needs.

We are members of Client Money Protect and our Membership Number is CMP007378. View our certificate here




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